International relationships

International relationships

Andrey Buzarov

Lawyer, publicist, political analyst and orientalist, political scientist-internationalist.

Taras Kozub

Journalist, editor, expert in the field of mass communications

Kirill Barashkov

The lawyer is an international lawyer, a foreign member of the American Association of Immigration Lawyers.

Aulin Alexander

Islamologist, Ph.D.

Vitaliy Dikiy

Honored Journalist of Ukraine, leading on the NEWSONE TV channel

Aram Asryan

Immigration Lawyer in Ukraine

Иващенко Богдан

Bogdan Ivashchenko

It studies the prospects of Ukraine’s foreign policy at the present stage.

Vladislav Faraponov

Foreign policy expert specializes in foreign and domestic policy of the United States of America

Yuliia Parkhomenko

Expert in international relations in Central and Eastern Europe

Oleksiy Bebel

Expert in political management